Bush Bread

Focaccia bun / garlic and coriander butter / macadamia nuts

kr. 55, -

Ranina Ranina

King crab / Tasmanian saffron mayo / herbs / crouton / avocado

kr. 85, -

My Pumpkin

Hokaido Pumpkin soup / Pumpkin cubes / Mascapone / Scallop

kr. 88,-

Crocodile Wonton

Deep fried crocodile ravioli / passion fruit & honey dipping sauce

kr. 95,-

Kangaroo Carpaccio

Kangaroo fillet / truffle marinade / mitzuna salad / pink pepper / parmesan crisp / mushroom espuma / glazed shitake

kr. 118,-

Seafood Neptune

½ roasted lobster with seafood sauce

kr. 150,-

Main Courses

New Year Menu 2012

//Scallop “Velouté” // Jerusalem Artichoke “Velouté” with Seared Scallop, Nigella and Wattleseed Brioche // Saffron Sea King // Rock lobster Carta Fata in Tasmanian Saffron Infusion // Midway Cleanser // Green Apple and Ribberies Palate Cleanser // Wagyu «Kobe» Beef // Wagyu “Kobe” Beef with Aussie Port and Truffle Sauce, Enoki Crisp, Pumpkin Puree, Sautéed Wild Mushrooms and Chestnuts // Chocolate Treasure // Chocolate & Gold //

kr. 695,-

Australian Augus Tenderloin Steak

Australian prime beef tenderloin served with seasonal garnish and Tasmanian pepper sauce The meat come from 100% Black Angus cattle meat that has been grain fed

pr. 100 grs. kr. 148,-

Wagyu (Kobe) Striploin Beef

Australian wagyu ‘Kobe Style’ striploin beef served with seasonal garnish and Oz spiced Chimichurri sauce

pr. 100 grs.. kr. 185,-

Gold Steak

200 gram Grilled flap steak with our in house basting served with seasonal garnish and Bush tomato Siphon Bearnaise sauce + Upgrade Wagyu "Kobe" Beef - Sirloin Flap Steak The cut comes fra grainfeed Australian beef cattle which is 100% Black Angus

kr. 195,- / 290,-

Australian Angus Ribeye Steak

300 grs. Australian Ribeye Steak served with seasonal garnish and Bush tomato Siphon Bearnaise Ribeye cooked and served "Fat one" to get the absolute best flavor. the heavy marbling makes ribeye steak saftigst and highlights beef flavor. "The cut" comes from 100% Black Angus cattle meat that has been grain fed

300 gr. kr. 275,-

Surf Your Turf Upgrade

Add ½ roasted lobster with seafood sauce to your steak

kr. 150,-

Surf N’ Chips

.Crumbed catch of the day / tiger prawns / scallop / hand cut fries / pea puree / lemon aspen tartar sauce

kr. 189,-

Tasmanian Devil Roo

Kangaroo fillet / mushroom duxelle / Serrano ham / Tasmanian pepper sauce / celeriac puree / mushrooms

kr. 198,-

Crocodile Hunter

Crocodile tailfillet / sundried tomatoes and olives salsa / lemon mashed potatoes / finger lime comfit

kr. 248,-

Certified Wagyu ‘Kobe’ Burger

Wagyu burger / Focaccia bun / caramelized onion puree / frisee salad / fried foie-gras / hand cut fries / truffle mayo

kr. 310,-


Hot N’ Cold

Macadamia nut ice-cream / warm cannelé cakes / baileys & white chocolate foam / nougatine / Oz spized Shiraz Wine Poached pear

kr. 88, -

Cream Flambé Trio

Wattle seed cream / Tasmanian mountain pepper cream / muntries cream

kr. 88,-

Say Cheese

Cheese selection / kakadu plum & figs jam / blue cheese tuiles

kr. 88, -

Death By Chocolate

Chocolate death - Five assorted chocolate delicacies

kr. 135,-

Special menus

Special Menus

Our group menus are very popular and we recommend groups over 10 people to consider pre-ordering their food. This will make production much faster and make the evening in the company of the Australian kitchen even better


Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine comes in all shapes and sizes - white, red, pink, dry, sweet, light, rich - but it's bubbles and process that creates the style which differentiates sparkling wine from other table wines. As with all wines, the style is largely determined by the variety and the method in which the wine is made

White Wine

Australian White wines range in color from very pale, almost clear, until a rich deep golden hues. They are mostly made from white grapes or grapes that do not contain anthocyanins or pigmented tannins in grape skin, however, the red grapes used if the juice quickly isolated from the skins and seeds.

Red Wine

Australian red wines are made exclusively from red grapes varieties containing anthocyanins and pigmented tannins in the skin. The lightest most elegant red wines is centered around the primary fruit character and a fine, soft texture. Other red wines designed for cellaring can be rich and full with dark color and intense tough tannins. Maturation is a crucial stage in the production of full-bodied red wines whereas lighter reds are bottled earlier to capture freshness.